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Up Close & Persona™: The Key to Building B2B Buyer Personas

Posted by Vann Morris

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upclose and persona: the key to building B2B Buyer Personas

As b2b marketing strategist Ardath Albee states, “a persona takes a segment of your company’s aggregate customer profile and fleshes it out with detailed information that represents real prospects in specific circumstances”. However, once you sit down to develop your b2b buyer persona, it can be difficult converting the concept into something tangible to work from.

The Up Close & Persona™ tool is the key to creating effective b2b buyer personas because it asks the right questions, but also in the right way. It asks them in a way that allows you to process all the information rather than become engulfed in all the details that Albee references above.

As someone who tried to develop buyer personas before the Up Close & Persona tool™, I cannot stress enough how important this is. For example, when sitting down to develop my first b2b buyer persona, the first thing I felt was overwhelmed. There are myriad factors that motivate my prospect to buy, and to try and think about all those at the same time was a complete overload.

But the Up Close & Persona™ tool breaks it up in a way so you can think strategically about each section, and asks the questions in a way that you can really begin to answer them. Even more – it gives tips for finding the answers to the questions along the way, and it was developed with Ardath Albee, an industry leader on developing b2b buyer personas.

And once you’ve asked all the right questions, and answered them, you really will understand your b2b buyer through your b2b buyer persona – as well as begin using the information immediately.

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Vann MorrisVann Morris is the Director of Buying Behavior Studies with MLT Creative. She is a Social and Behavioral Scientist who is currently working on her PhD in Communications, and uses her strong theoretical background in order to show how scientific theory should be used to develop strategy and effective B2B marketing campaigns.

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