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I enjoy tweeting at conferences. As attendees share hash-tagged tweets, the stream grows into a real-time commentary on all the great observations, quotes, quips and tips. It grows into an historical document of 140-character morsels that can be snacked on or enjoyed en masse as a thorough recap through the eyes of individuals. The content sharing creates a connected community.

Last week’s #BMAGrow Conference was an outstanding example of B2B marketers tweeting content from the 48 hours of fantastic speakers. With almost 700 attendees, and some very active tweeters, the #BMAGrow hashtag was busy for a few days.  From my customary second-row aisle seat, I knocked out over 100 tweets during the conference, below are my favorite insights.  These are in pure Twitter format, so please excuse the abbreviations and lack of punctuation.  

  • @BMAAtlanta wins the BMA Large Chapter Growth award. Highest US percentage membership growth. So excited!
  • Search and interactivity have created two gigantic issues for IMC: networks and negotiation. Donald Schultz
  • The customer is more intelligent. Sales is now a negotiator & closer putting more responsibility on marketing.  Donald Schultz
  • Outgoing BMA natl president Al Maag prepping for opening remarks.
  • Turn 4 Ps on their head: product to solutions, price to value, place to access, promo to educate. Eduardo Conrado Moto Solutions
  • A brand has 2 components - the image you create and the experience you deliver.  Greg Brown, CEO Moto Soloutions
  • Greg Brown of Motorola's meeting rule: Silence means agreement. Love it!
  • Morale is tied to results. #jimstengel
  • #KathyButtonBell of #Emerson says at stage gate zero, it's marketing's job 2 define customer's pain, share solution vision & value
  • kathy button bell bookshelf: 50 shades of grey, usa today cover to cover every day. stay up on culture.
  • Kathy Button Bell: "Social media is public relations put to music" CMO #emerson
  • Divide & Conquer to get leaders to move forward with you. Make squeaky wheel an evangelist, most needy an advocate
  • Execute to learn and then evolve, says Brian Chermside of Dow Corning
  • wow. dow corning makes the stuff in silly putty. blast from the past
  • Common theme: build your brand around your culture.
  • GE's Liguori: Think about your customer's profit, not your profit. It will change the game.
  • People want to work for purpose-inspired businesses that value joy,connectivity,exploration,pride& impact @JimStengel
  • A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. proverbs 22:1 :: reputation!
  • the ultimate question: have I treated you well enough that you would recommend my company to a friend? #BMAGROW fred reichheld
  • 73%of CEOs don't believe that marketers drive revenue @kippbodnar #b2bsm
  • "Your goal shouldn't be to buy #leads, your goal should be to buy #customers" via @jeffreylcohen & @kippbodnar
  • 10-4-1 rule. 10 links to third-party articles, 4 links to your blog, 1 link to landing page. @jeffreylcohen
  • Nice party last night at @HOBChicago thanks @cnbc @BMANational @martinehunter @bmachicago @bmaatlanta #bmagrow
  • If you cannot feel the idea, the idea is not good - Christoph Becker @gyro
  • b2b customers are demanding more expertise, attention, support & ironically treating vendors as commoditities. oddity.
  • Sales and marketing are the only two functions in the organization that have the same mission! Neil Rackham
  • 2 customer types: transactional (cost/convenience focused) & consultative (advice focus) but they're not necessarily exclusive.
  • 4 steps in customer decisions: 1) Recognize need 2)Compare options 3)Resolve concerns 4)Negotiate terms - Neil Rackham.
  • website marketing model maturing, peaking. traffic shifting to #mobile sites, apps.
  • An app is a tactic not strategy. Get into the mobile mix but be smart about it.
  • To make great products, have something DICEE: Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering, Elegant. @GuyKawasaki
  • Reciprocation: When someone thanks you say "I know you would do the same for me." Then enable them to pay you back.
  • 60% of sales decisions are stuck at "no decision." this is The Status Quo Barrier, inertia. Tim Riesterer
  • break status quo by changing burden. lower the Pain of change. Make it easier to change. @timriesterer
  • You need to find your company voice / personality. Once you discover/devine/define that, stay authentic to it.

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Martine Hunter - Creative Director of Inbound Marketing

Martine Hunter is the Creative Director of Inbound Marketing with the Atlanta advertising agency, MLT Creative, which specializes in B2B marketing.

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