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9.5 Ways Your B2B Marketing Can Be More Creative

Posted by Billy Mitchell


Use your brain to be more creative in B2B Marketing. Never quit learning. This is the best time ever to be in marketing, but it’s no time to stand still.

I recently wrote a guest post for The Social CMO, “B2B marketing without creative has no punch,” which included a list I thought I’d share on this blog as well.

Don’t be lazy. You’re in a competitive sport; be professional about it. Wherever your creative efforts are the least bit amateurish, hire outside professionals.

Never quit learning. This is the best time ever to be in marketing, but it’s no time to stand still.

Think of great questions. Great questions lead to great answers and big ideas.

What’s your first idea? Sometimes your first idea is your best. Now see if you can better it.

What’s your worst idea? When you’re stuck looking for the best idea, switch gears and think of what would be the worst idea. Sometimes it lightens the mood, changes your perspective and leads to a great idea.

What’s your story? Marketers are in the storytelling business. Much has been written on this, so read up.

What’s the hook? Why should anyone listen to your story? Draw them in with a compelling question or provoking statement or image.

Don’t limit your time on creative development to work hours. Sleep on it and wake with it. If you have an idea, write it down or it will evaporate like a good dream. Keep a pen and pad near the bed.

Keep working on it. Marketing is a sport, but it isn’t all fun and games. People’s jobs depend on you.

Now cut it by half.. Once you have your marketing messages and creative content worked out, simplify it. What can you take out? If it’s not critical, it’s clutter.


Surely, this list isn’t complete. What points would you add? What helps you with your creative process?

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Billy Mitchell - Partner & Senior Creative Director at MLT Creative

Billy Mitchell is the president and senior creative director of Atlanta-based B2B marketing firm MLT Creative. Located on the east side of Atlanta, GA, Mitchell co-founded MLT Creative in 1984 along with partner Glenn Taylor.

Known as the Idea Launch Pad for B-to-B marketers, MLT Creative's services include strategic planning, positioning, brand development, advertising and sales promotions for business-to-business clients.

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