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B2B Aware: This Week in B2B Marketing-Socialize, Mobilize & Familiarize

Posted by Martine Hunter

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B2B Aware: This Week in B2B Marketing


Top tactics for a crisis-proof B2B lead generation strategy

One in four marketers has a formal lead generation process in place, and less than 2 in 5 can trace a lead to its source, notes Jen Doyle in a report. "If marketers aren’t able to show how revenue can be attributed to lead generation activities, how can they grow their budgets and attain the resources they crave for better lead generation?" Doyle asks. B2B Lead Generation Blog

Social and mobile featured highly in B2B marketers' future tactics

The company home page and e-mail communications still lead B2B marketing efforts, but mobile and social media are poised to become the tools of the future, according to McKinsey Quarterly data. This infographc contends that more than half of marketing executives using social media already need better metrics for measuring its financial impact. Marketo/Modern B2B blogs

5 B2B social media questions to ask about LinkedIn Answeres

B2B companies have been successful growing their business and driving leads from LinkedIn, and many still continue to wonder how they do this. It is usually through a combination of optimized profiles, company updates and providing value in Groups. Another component of their success is the mastery of the LinkedIn Answers feature. Social Media B2B

B2B e-mail newsletters gain highest conversion rate

Business-to-business newsletters earned higher conversion rates on several benchmarks, compared with their e-mail marketing efforts, than B2C counterparts, according to an Econsultancy/Email Experience Council study. B2B e-mail newsletters performed better when it came to both lead generation and direct selling, as well as leads generated from sales blasts. MediaPost Communications

How B2B marketers can move closer to the money

Fundamentally, few B2B marketers get the respect they deserve. The day-to-day operation gets the product out the door. Finance pays the bills. Sales bring in new business. And marketing? Well, according to Cliff Langston, marketing often spends an unfair amount of time reminding everyone in operations, finance and sales exactly what marketing does. But it shouldn't be that way. B2B marketers can move closer to the money by reconnecting with their sales force. Business Marketing Association

Catch your B2B customer's attention with eye tracking

According to MLT Creative's Director of Buyer Behavior, Vann Morris, eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images. So if you’re to the right of an image, you may have a better chance of being noticed than if you are to the left of it. MLT Creative

The clock is ticking on Facebook Timeline for B2B marketers

With only a month to go before the format switches, ready or not, business-to-business marketers need to get their Facebook acts together, writes Jeffrey Cohen. Take advantage of the timeline feature by impressing visitors with a spectacular photo that will distinguish it from your company website, while still linking to your landing page. Putting a "star" on a post will make the timeline timely, while a rich company history will speak to the legacy of your brand.    

Making e-mail mobile-friendly

Tightening up e-mail for easier consumption via smartphones will improve open rates, as well as your communications skills, writes Miles Price. Craft attention-grabbing subject lines, make your point quickly, keep the call-to-action high in the message and try consulting Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for additional best practices BtoB Magazine

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Martine Hunter - Creative Director of Inbound Marketing

Martine Hunter is the Creative Director of Inbound Marketing with the Atlanta advertising agency, MLT Creative, which specializes in B2B marketing.

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